Erotic Massage The Power of Touch

Erotic Massage: the Power of Touch is

Massage. Erotic massage. Learning to give erotic and genital massage is one of the magic skills one can develop, because everyone likes to be touched in those most sensitive and intimate body places in that sensual kind of way.

Erotic massage. Massage itself is a very erotic act. Erotic massage is a highly erotic experience. The idea of erotic massage is arousing the senses through the power of a “right” touch. The ultimate purpose of such massage is stimulating a desire for intimacy, in other words, not making your loved one relaxed and sleepy, but making him or her relaxed and excited. The main part of erotic massage is genital massage which is allowing your hands and fingers to work over your partner’s fleshy places.

Erotic massage videos. I really enjoyed watching erotic massage videos: The Joy of Erotic Massage and Erotic Massage: The Touch of Love. For me, it was important that the Joy of Erotic Massage was produced under the guidance of massage masters. This is an instructional video offering easy to follow instructions and demonstrations of erotic massage. Erotic Massage: The Touch of Love is my favorite video, because it is beautiful to watch. They show massage strokes for the entire body and genital massage. Each scene just stirs up the appetite for erotic massage.

Prior to erotic massage. Prior to erotic massage, do not forget to lock all the doors, turn off the phones, make sure the room temperature and your hands are warm, arrange a few bath size towels, light up some candles, and set the atmosphere by scents and mood music or video. Have a short shower to relax and clean each other. To perform a perfect erotic massage, you will need a good quality massage oil. I highly recommend sensual massage kits. Massage kits usually includes delicately scented aromatherapy candles, rose petals, and all-over body massage oils. Oil sets are amazing as well, since most of them contain all-natural massage oils each delivering a delicate scent and special sensation (tingling, warming, heating, cooling). For a comfort, my suggestion is using a liberal amount of oil. A good way to start off an erotic massage is spending time warming up your lover’s entire body by giving a full body massage. So, have your sweetheart gloriously naked and let your hands express your tenderness.

Female and male genital massage. The idea of massaging him is that you should slow down and change the technique just before his explosion becomes inevitable. The idea of massaging her is continuous massaging through one orgasm into the next. Here are suggested genital massage strokes.


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